What is it


EngageMinds HUB is the first Italian multidisciplinary research centre dedicated to the study and promotion of engagement, i.e. the active involvement of people in health behaviour and food consumption.
The activities of EngageMinds HUB are inspired by the principles of consumer and health psychology, that is, the study of the thoughts, motivations and behaviours that underlie our health and consumer choices.

The Research Centre was born from the interdisciplinary synergy between the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. The research, training and consulting activities promoted by EngageMinds HUB also rely on the collaboration of professors and researchers from different scientific fields (psychology; agriculture, food and environmental sciences; economics; medicine; law; sociology; banking sciences) at national and international level.




What can EngageMinds HUB do for you?

EngageMinds HUB activities address different categories of stakeholders.

  • Companies will have new psycho-social keys to interpreting the dynamics of people’s involvement in health and food consumption. The possibility of understanding the health and alimentary choices and behaviours of citizens-patients-consumers, and consequently orienting the communication and personalised education strategies, will give the companies the possibility of making their initiatives healthier, sustainable and effective.


  • Public Institutions will be able to obtain from EngageMinds HUB important insight and support for the orientation of policies in the social-health and agro-food fields and for the promotion of campaigns of education and sensitization addressed to citizens-consumers.


  • Citizens are the key protagonists of the EngageMinds HUB initiatives: they are called upon to express their point of view, to provide their input for the innovation and development of the socio-health and agro-food sectors; areas that are increasingly attentive and responsive to the expectations of information and education of citizens.

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