The global health scenario is increasingly complex, not least in the face of a growing scarcity of human and economic resources and the evolution towards chronicity of many diseases. In addition to this, there is an increasingly strong and manifest desire on the part of people to actively participate in the choices and definition of their health pathways.

Actively involving the citizen-patient and his or her subjective experience of the various stages of the health management pathway is therefore fundamental today in many health care fields: from pharmacological innovation to the provision of effective and efficient services, and the planning, implementation and evaluation of new policies.

EngageMinds HUB fits into this panorama as an international scientific reference point for the design and implementation of initiatives aimed at monitoring and promoting the engagement of the patient and the actors involved in the health system: health professionals working as caregivers, and all the stakeholders involved in the research and provision of treatments, drugs and health services.

What is the contribution of EngageMinds HUB in the HEALTH area?

and promotion
of patient engagement

Patient journey
and patient experience

of health services

Conception, support and
evaluation of patient
advocacy actions

of patient support

and development of
digital tools

and implementation
of PROMs and PREMs

of supports
for therapeutic adherence

Who are the EngageMinds Hub initiatives aimed at?


Institutions and policy makers can gain important insight and methodological support for the orientation, participatory generation and ex-post evaluation of policies and campaigns for awareness raising and behavioural change in the health and social field.


Pharmaceutical companies can obtain from EngageMinds HUB new devices and support programs dedicated to the patient, aimed at improving therapeutic adherence and quality of life of the patients.


Healthcare and social-health institutions, both public and private, can provide psycho-social keys to understanding the dynamics of patient engagement, also in order to develop new prevention and treatment tools for people and increase their engagement levels.


Healthcare professionals can have dedicated training paths for all healthcare professions to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of therapeutic communication aimed at supporting users’ engagement in their own health journey.


Patients and their associations can express expectations and needs in order to improve health, prevention and treatment pathways and obtain the methodological and scientific tools to design and promote advocacy initiatives, increasing their impact.


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