The agri-food sector is undergoing important changes today, not only related to available resources and production methods, but also to the demographic and socio-cultural dynamics that are challenging the company-consumer relationship.

Understanding the profound reasons that determine the behaviour of food choice and consumption, foreseeing new consumption trends, but above all being able to intervene in order to direct more correct, healthy and sustainable food behaviour is increasingly important today.

In this context, EngageMinds HUB offers psychological keys and scientific instruments of intelligence aimed at understanding the trends in food consumption and supporting the processes of innovation in the supply chain.

What is the contribution of EngageMinds HUB in the FOOD area?

of consumption

Social marketing
and consumer education

profiling and

Support for the realization
of communication and
awareness campaigns

Consumer acceptance
of technological

Co-design and
co-creation projects for
products and services

Analysis of the
fake news phenomenon and
its impact

Decision mechanisms e
related psychological aspects
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Who are the EngageMinds Hub initiatives aimed at?

EngageMinds HUB activities are aimed at different categories of stakeholders.


Companies and their Associations will have at their disposal new psycho-social interpretations of consumption dynamics and of consumers’ deep-rooted motivations in the agro-food sector. The possibility of understanding the consumption choices of citizens, and consequently orienting the communication and consumer education strategies, will give companies the possibility of anticipating consumption trends or of co-constructing them together with the consumer.


The Public Institutions can obtain from EngageMinds HUB important insight and support for the orientation of policies in the agro-food field and for the promotion of campaigns of education and sensitization of citizens-consumers


Citizens are the key protagonists of the EngageMinds HUB initiatives. They are called to express their point of view, to provide their input for the innovation and development of an agro-food sector more and more attentive and responsive to the information and education expectations of citizens. The idea of EngageMinds HUB is to support the exchange and dialogue between the different actors for an agro-food supply chain that is increasingly sustainable and aligned with the needs of companies and the health demands of the population.


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