EngageMinds HUB is a multidisciplinary Italian Research Centre aimed at promoting and carrying out scientific activities related to the study of health behaviours and food consumption. The Centre is active in two locations of Università Cattolica with two dedicated Divisions: “Healthcare” in the Milan Campus and “Food” in the Cremona Campus.






The Patient Health Engagement Model (PHE Model) is an internationally validated and published psychological engagement model (Graffigna, Barello et al., 2014) that allows to diagnose and study the experience of active engagement of patients in its prevention and treatment pathway.

Caregiver Health Engagement Model


The Caregiver Health Engagement Model configures a multidimensional experience
which contributes to determining the involvement of the caregiver in the care pathway of the patient.

Consumer Science Lab


The EngageMind HUB activities make use of cutting-edge tools and technologies at the Consumer Psychology laboratory located on the Campus of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Cremona



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